Review: The Boleyn Reckoning by Laura Andersen

Monday, 4 August 2014

About The Book:
Title: The Boleyn Reckoning
Laura Andersen
The Boleyn Trilogy
Historical Fiction, Alternate History, Young Adult, Adult
Age Range:
Publication Date:
 15th July 2014 (kindle only) 16th Juuly 2015 (paperback)
417 pages
Ebury Digital
The third and final book of Laura Andersen's alternate history trilogy; The Boleyn Trilogy, it follows the king that never was William Tudor - also know an Henry IX -  his sister; the well known Elizabeth Tudor, and his closest friends; Dominic Courtenay and Genevieve 'Minuette' Wyatt. As tensions rise and the web of lies & secrets grows; their story approaches a dangerous cross roads. 


History just like life is full of 'what ifs'. In fact you can hardly avoid them. The 'what if' that is explored in this trilogy alone was enough to get me interested in the series. I read the first two books earlier this year, they were good (enough to keep me coming back) but this one really blew the others out of the water.

It's not perfect, not by any means, but then again; what book is? For me, the best part has got to be Dominic, one of the main four characters. He's the only one that throughout the whole series has remained my favourite. Elizabeth (as in Elizabeth Tudor, the only main character that is not an original creation) only really comes into her own in this book, William (the son of Henry Tudor and Anne Boleyn) starts to fall from grace in my mind as the series goes on and Minuette (another fictitious character), while she can be endearing and easy to sympathise with, at times was annoying and perhaps 'too perfect'. But it was these four characters (along with some supporting characters) and the dynamics between them that really make this book so special.

Without giving too much away I can honestly say that if you've read the other two books before then prepare for things to change. The events in this book and how everything unfolded were so different from what I predicted (and not in a bad way). Andersen pushed her characters to their absolute limit, unveiling sides to them that we hadn't seen before and perhaps they were not even aware they possessed. She brilliantly ties up all lose ends and then some. It was one of those books where my heart was racing in anticipation, I was crossing my fingers in vain hope that everything would work out and at some points crying so much I couldn't see my kindle. 

For any history lover (who does not mind when people take liberties), or fan of the first two books, this will not disappoint. 

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